Occupational Choice: One of the Most Important Decisions

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Occupational choice is the most important decision for one person without any doubt which could be made in a person's life time. For example, Ginzberg, Ginsburg, Axelrad, & Herma, carried out a major study in 1951 researching about occupational choice, which now in the 21st century is known as the originating theories about the topic. Ginzberg et al.’s (1951) main focus was to research on the behavior of individuals, how by making decisions by different stages and how it is the self-concept of adjusting to new conditions. Ginzberg(1951) always made an agrument that the occupational choice was a lifelong decision process who look for satisfaction from their jobs. According to Ginzberg et al, the view point of his research was that human being make their decision which equals their values and interest with the talents that are available for them, as well the costs. Ginzberg(1951) stressed that to choose a occupation is one of the most important and cruical choice a human being makes in his life time. In addition Williams (1974:15) referred to how it is very important at times to decide the standard of living, the income, quality of one’s life, self-esteem, social relationship, the environment and it is crucial to find whether the child of a particular family would enter which occupation field. As stated above by Williams (1974), it is reflecting how a person is satisfied with his/her working environment and it could be often previewed that the other aspects of that particular person’s life will follow on from this. However, Goldthorpe (2003) explains that pupils from less advantaged classes need to show more merit than pupils from a more advantaged class to get the same place. Achieved roles are those roles which can be achieved and... ... middle of paper ... ...s proven that the structural factors are much based on the human factors. New government policies are trying to remove inequalities. Consequently, it could be said that if a human being is given a fair enough choice of all jobs that are available then it will be down to their freedom to choose, but it is very hard to measure what is the best job for one person as it may be not perceived by others. Its our choice, which way we choose because at the end of the day its our life, which way we want to go. Choosing an occupation can be very difficult for one person because their are many factors which effect the person while making a decision which is mostly like discussed in this essay as for example race, gender, inequality, class, role of women and there are many more factors which are explained in this essay which can affect ones life while choosing for an occupation.

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