Obstetrics and Gynecology Nurse

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As long as women exist there will be a need for gynecologists, obstetricians and gynecology and obstetrics nurses. An interesting career is an obstetrics and gynecology nurse. Obstetrics and gynecology nurses follow the lead of a physician. They work with the female reproductive system. A gynecology and obstetrics nurse does many things ranging from delivering babies to treating deceases of the female reproductive system. In this paper you will learn about the history of gynecology, the steps it takes to pursue a career in gynecology, a brief description of a career in gynecology, and the job outlook of gynecologists.
Obstetrics and gynecology dated back to the 17th century and were known as midwives or birth attendants. They had no training in this area. Because of their lack of training, most mothers died giving birth. It wasn’t until the 20th century that there was a higher rate of women living after giving birth. Today, obstetrics and gynecology is practice in private businesses or in hospitals. More sterile and safe techniques were also developed in order to give the mother comfort.
In 1825, James Blundell, a British obstetrician performed the first successful blood transfusion. He conducted many surgical experiments that later opened doors to ovariotomy and the caesarean section. An ovariotomy is a surgical incision made to remove the ovary. The caesarean section which is commonly referred to as the c-section is an incision made through the mother’s lower abdomen to deliver a baby. It is thought that the first c-section was performed in 1881.
In order to become an obstetrics and gynecology nurse, you must obtain a degree in nursing. It is best to choose a school that offers OBGYN nursing, but you can also go to ...

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