Obstacles To Student Engagement: Obstacles To Student Engagement

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Obstacles to Student Engagement
There are many obstacles that get into the way of student engagement and many students find themselves bored in the classroom which tunes them out of true learning and the risk of not retaining what they have learnt. Unfortunately, the instruction required to engage all students requires the teacher to spend considerable time preparing and planning their lessons. However, teachers often find themselves without enough time to adequately plan and organize new projects and games. In addition, teachers often struggle to adapt their instruction to meet the interests and needs of the unique learns in their classroom. Financial restraints of schools can also create a huge obstacle for
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Creating a Motivational Environment
Creating Group Cohesiveness
Dornyei and Murphey (2003) claim that “language class should also be studied as a group because in a good group, teachers and students enjoy the learning process and feel satisfied with the pleasant, inspiring and supportive environment. Both of them are motivated.” Students that work within a cohesive group are more accepting and tolerant of each other and encourage and reinforce positive self images on the members. A cohesive group creates a feeling of respect and trust and students are much more likely to support others abilities’ and limitations which in turn helps create a comfortable and safe environment in the classroom (Jimina & Tedjaatmadja, n.d.).
Group Dynamics
Group dynamics is the analysis of the behavior of small groups. The formation of group dynamics was brought about by two simple known facts about groups; one, that individuals in groups behave differently than they would outside of the group and two, every group share some common features which made it possible to study the group dynamic. (Dornyei &
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The teacher should create situations in and out of the classroom to help the students get to know each other better. Finally, the teacher should create situations that will show the students that each individual’s behavior, within the group, influences the others’.
Creating a Motivational Environment
Teachers must be enthusiastic about the subject they are teaching, this can likely help lead the students to be enthusiastic about what they are learning. Teachers should also express to the students that their learning is important to you by always offering assistance and explain things to them individually if necessary. If a student senses that their teacher doesn’t care it can be the fastest way to undermine their motivation (Dornyei, 1998). In addition, teachers must have high expectations of what the students are capable of achieving and show them that they care about the progress they make. Teachers should also need to create and maintain a good relationship with the students, which will produce trust. Once a teacher can establish trust and garner students’ respect, they are more likely to inspire their students to learn and enjoy what they are learning.
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