Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in Children

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I wanted to research on the topic of obsessive compulsive disorders because of my great aunts experience with it. My great aunt Molly had obsessive compulsive behavior. This disorder came to kill her. She was vacuuming, I’m not sure for how long but she called her sister and explained she felt as if she was having a heart attack. Great aunt Molly said to her sister she could not call an ambulance until she finished cleaning the floors. She never got to finish cleaning the floors because she died. I found out multiple pieces of information about the disorder my great aunt had. One thing I stumbled upon was that children can suffer from this disorder as well as adults. I was very surprised to find how many children have the obsessive compulsive disorder. My goal in this paper is to inform on obsessive compulsive disorder: the symptoms in children and the treatment for children.
First, I would like to explain the symptoms children will show when facing obsessive compulsive disorder. There are not many children with OCD in fact only 1-3% have it (Lebowitz 899). Fears and anxieties are common in children. Other non-abnormal things for children is being a rule follower and being dedicated to sports and activities (Hyman 34). The rituals kids undergo to help them get rid of the “monsters under the bed”, or the boogey man are common examples of normal compulsive behavior (Hyman 34). When the compulsions go beyond the regular habits it is because they feel that their old habits are not enough and that more habits are required (Hyman 34). An example of crossing the line into OCD behavior is when the child being over sensitive to rules (Lebowitz 904). Another warning sign of pediatric obsessive compulsive disorder would be a disablement ...

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...ld be watched for and the treatments should become better.

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