Observing on the Gospel of Matthew

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Observing on the Gospel of Matthew
This Gospel with precisely placed first as introductory PB and "the Messiah, the son of the living God" (Matthew 16: 16). Although the author's name is not mentioned in the Bible, the nas testimony all the church fathers who first (since c. 130 ad) stated that the Gospel was written by Matthew, one of the disciples of Jesus.
If the Gospel of mark was written to the Romans and the Gospel of Luke for Theophilus and all non-Jewish believers the Gospel of Matthew was written to Jewish believers. The Jewish background of this Gospel seems in many ways, including
1. (1) dependency on the revelation, promises, and the prophecy old testament to prove that Jesus was the Messiah who has long anticipated;
2. (2) the terms of tracing a lineage from Abraham to Jesus (Matt. 1: 1-17);
3. (3) repeated his statement that Jesus was the "son of David" (Matt. 1: 1; Matt. 9: 27; Mat 12: 23; Mat 15: 22; Mat 20: 30-31; Mat 21: 9.15; Mat 22: 41-45);
4. (4) the use of the term Jewish like the typical "Kingdom of heaven" (had the same meaning with the "Kingdom of God") as an expression of respect for the Jews so often take the name of God directly and
5. (5) instructions to the various Jewish custom without giving any explanation (in contrast to the Gospels).
Notwithstanding the foregoing, this Gospel is not solely for Jews. As the mandate of Jesus, the Gospel of Matthew in fact addressed to the whole Church, as well as carefully stated scope of universal Gospel (IE. Matt. 2: 1-12; Matt. 8: 11-12; Mat 13: 38; Mat 21: 43; Matt. 28: 18-20).
Date and place of the Gospel is uncertain. However, there are strong reasons to assume that Matthew wrote, before year of 70 when in Palestine or Antiokia in Syria. Some Bible...

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... perplexing questions: ' why did Judas to betray his Teacher's heart ' and ' Why Pilate execute Jesus?.

In its report about the crucifixion and resurrection of the Lord Jesus, Matthew adds four important news to the news of mark, which he carefully observed He reported that at the time of the death of Jesus occurred earthquakes accompanied by the resurrection of the Saints, who once foretold the coming of the Messiah and now rise to honor his death at Golgotha (27: 51-53).

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