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Doing observations was a great learning experience. It provided some ideas on what to do and what not to do when teaching. It also gave an opportunity for observing several different teaching styles. There is Ms. G, Ms. T, Ms. S, Ms. A, Ms. Y, and Ms. V, and all of them taught differently. Granted, some closer than others, but all different none the less. Overall, they are all great teachers and their classes are enjoyable. However, there were a couple of things that may not be up to par. According to the Danielson Domain two, classroom environment, a teacher should do things like create an environment of respect and rapport and establish a culture for learning. All of the teachers had good respect in their classrooms. For example, Ms. S,…show more content…
For example, in Ms. T’s class the students do group stations on a regular basis. The stations are math on a computer, writing spelling words on little white boards, writing about a directed topic in their journal, and individual reading. Each of these stations are numbered. The students know the number of each station because it is always the same, and they each drew a popsicle stick to tell them where to start. Ms. T has an alarm that goes off when it is time to switch stations. When the students get too loud there is a bell she rings, but she will only ring it so many times before group time is over. By setting up the stations early on, the kids know what they are supposed to do, and how it is supposed to work. She is also managing their behavior by having a bell to keep them quiet. Another example is in Ms. A’s classroom the students have to raise their hands to speak out loud. She will not acknowledge them until they raise their hands. Finally, in domain two a teacher should organize his or her physical space. For example, Ms. A keeps her desk very clean and puts things in drawers and filing cabinets where she can easily locate them. She also keeps her classroom as a whole organized. There are shelves all around the room that are labeled with what is on the shelf. Some shelves have tubs and the tubs are labeled. What the labels say there is, there is. She has a book shelf for the students to use, and all of the books are kept nice a neat so that they are easy to

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