Objectivity Of Performance Management According To Sherman And Bohlander

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Performance Management
According to Sherman and Bohlander (1992), Performance Management is an evaluation that have a mutual benefit between the company and its employees. For companies, the performance management could be a feedback from the employees to the company's progress. As for employees, Performance Management can be advantageous for the employee's career advancement.
Objectivity of performance management are giving employees the opportunity on a regular basis to discuss their performance with the superiors, give the managers to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their subordinates, provide input for the boss to recommend specific programs to improve the performance of subordinates, provide the basis for determining salaries.
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The four important things are the planning stage, performance management stage, the assessment stage, and the award. The planning stage, At this stage should be clearly defined on the objectives that company need to be achieved, which includes the target of quality and quantity of output produced. The objective that have been set must fulfil the rules of SMART (Scientific, Measurable, Achievable, Reliable, and Time Bound). The objective setting should consider all important aspects in the company. Performance management stage, This stage is the realization of the previous stages. It's mean , the work plans that have been made previously had to be realized and can achieve the objective set. At this stage the manager has a very strategic role include providing practical assistance as necessary, to ensure that employees truly understand the objectives and targets to be achieved, provide training in accordance with the needs of employees. The assessment stage, This stage is necessary to evaluate the performance of each employee to determine whether the target has been reached or not. The last is the award, Employees are entitled to a reward and punishment based on the performance that has been…show more content…
But if turnover occurs because employees no longer feel comfortable in company, or the atmosphere in the workplace then this should be considered further as it will bring serious repercussions if not handled well. This is experienced by UD. Berkat Bersama Mandiri so the managers must do something to solve it . To solve the possible challenges, The managers must using 3 of 5 strategy of strategic human resource planning (restructuring strategy, training and development strategy, recruitment strategies). Restructuring strategy at UD. Berkat Bersama Mandiri is carried through using labor effectively seen from the results achieved, the efficiency of time, remove activities that do not add value and empower employees in the distribution of jobs. The recruitment process will be carried out when the restructuring strategy was no longer able to fill the vacancies that exist and it is easier to find new workers were more talented. Recruitment strategies is done in two ways, namely inside recruitment is the recruitment that used inside worker of the company to fill jobs and the outside recruitment through recommendations and through the mass media (advertising). Training and development strategy can be one of the strengths to faces of personnel shortage by training employees to be ready to be used on different parts in
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