Objectivism And Determinism

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Chris Cody Ethics 9/13/17 The objective point of view is described as universal and absolute. They are not influenced by personal feelings, or other opinions when it comes to considering and representing facts. Under objectivism no one can be all right and no one can all be wrong. Under objectivism there are values and principals. These values and principals are viewed as being independent whether or not humans believe in them. To put it simply objectivism is a person’s point of view on something. Relativism has views which state that at a high level of abstraction at least some class of things have the properties they have. An example of some of these properties are beauty, morally good, knowledge, and wisdom. Relativist have a subjective point of view.…show more content…
It is different from the idea of pre-determination. Determinist believe that the universe is entirely rational. The reason why is they think that complete knowledge of any given situation assures that assured knowledge of the future is also possible. A extreme necessity leaves there to be no room in the universe for chance. At the core of determinism is the idea of causality. In order for a system to be deterministic it must be both, logical and you must know the initial position and motion of its parts. An example of determinism is, you are brought up in an abusive household and so you will go on to abuse your own. You will not be held morally responsible because this is how you were raised. The concept of free will is we are have some choice is how we act and behave. To put it more simply we are self-determined. Free will is viewed as voluntary or involuntary. In most cases our free will is limited by our reality and the laws of nature. One of the issues free will faces is freedom of action. But free will is necessary in order to make free actions. Free will is also needed to be morally responsible. An example of free will is, choosing whether or not to commit a

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