Objectives Of Lime Juices For Marinade

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For Marinade Ingredients 1. Fresh Lime juice – 2 tablespoons 2. Olive Oil – 2 tablespoons 3. Chipotle Pepper – 1 teaspoon (Grounded) 4. Cilantro – 1 tablespoon (Fresh) 5. Lime zest – 1 tablespoon 6. Garlic – 2 cloves Directions 1. Put all ingredients in a food processor or immersion blender. 2. Your marinating mixture is ready! Egg and Steak Yummy Sandwiches using Big Green Egg Appliance Serving size: 2-3 Servings per Recipe: 4 Calories: 350 per serving Cooking Time: 18 minutes in total Ingredients 1. Sour Cream – ¼ cup 2. Prepared Horseradish – 1 tablespoon 3. Fresh Chives- 1 table spoon (Minced) 4. Kosher Salt- ¼ teaspoon 5. Black Pepper – ¼ teaspoon (Freshly Grounded) 6. Unsalted Butter – 4 +2 tablespoons 7. English Muffins – 4 (Cut into Half) 8.…show more content…
Fat – 17 g 4. Sodium – 1200 mg 5. Cholesterol – 195 mg Directions: 13. Preheat the EGG for 400 F/ 202 C. Set it up for direct Cooking Process. 14. Take a flat side up Dutch oven or if you have a half moon cast iron griddle. 15. For making horseradish cream, whisk the ingredients like sour cream, horseradish, fresh chives, kosher salt and pepper. Blend them properly and let is set aside. 16. Take a small saucepan and melt 4 tablespoons of butter over low flame. Take muffin halves and spread butter evenly on each half. Put them over the griddle with cut portion facing down until they are slightly brown and toasted. Transfer them onto a suitable platter with a long spatula. Spread the prepared horseradish cream approximately 2 teaspoons on each half. 17. Take the tomato slices and steaks. Brush them with butter and add seasoning of salt and pepper. Let them be cooked over the grid. 18. Now take remaining 2 tablespoons of butter on the griddle. Crack all the 4 eggs on the hot griddle and close the lid of EGG for about 3 minutes. Whites of the egg will be somehow set. 19. Now turn the eggs and steak over each other and top them with cheese slice. Again close EGG lid for next 2-3 minutes. Cheese shall
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