Object Oriented Programming Case Study

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Designing Reusable classes
This article was written by Ralph E.Johnson and Brian Foote which was discussed about the Designing of reusable classes and its importance in Object-Oriented programming languages and how can we make object oriented programming as reusable programming language. The initial part of the article discussed about the object oriented language attributes such as abstract classes, polymorphism and inheritance. This article will help us in understanding the importance of reusability concept in object oriented programming.
This article also discussed about Toolkits and frameworks of Object oriented programming and the difference between white-box framework and black-box framework.
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These classes may be user defined classes or predefined classes which are defined library class. Frameworks can be designed from the another framework which will consists of sharing abstract classes in object oriented programming. Source framework is FOIBLE which is implemented based on Model View Controller architecture.
Frameworks support reusability concept in object oriented programming. Framework has many advantages in designing part of software development but designing of framework will consists of many abstract classes. Developer should have fair idea on abstract classes concepts and developers needs to be very well experienced in object oriented programming so that developers can develop efficient frameworks which we can use for reusability in object oriented programming language. In present market most of the frameworks developed based on MVC architecture only. Along with reusability of code, reusability of framework also increased now a days in object oriented programming language. In this article author discussed about white-box frameworks and black-box frameworks and compared both of these
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Inheritance is one of the most influential concepts in object-oriented programming, and have a direct impact on how to design and write your Java classes. Inheritance is a very powerful mechanism. The concept of inheritance, is that when you write a class, you just have to determine how this class is different from some other category. Inheritance will give you automatic access to the information contained in the original class. When using inheritance, and all the categories that you write, that layer of other libraries that you use, and those of the categories as well as the standard benefit, are arranged in a strict
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