Object Oriented Programming Assignment

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UNIT 6 – SOFTWARE DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT Task 1 – Describe and explain the fundamentals of programming (P1, P3 & P4) Programming Paradigms Programming languages are classified by its programming paradigms these can be either procedural, object oriented or event driven. However some programming languages can support more than one programming paradigm, java is a good example of it as it supports both procedural and object oriented programming. Procedural Programming Procedural programming requires the program to have sequences of procedures or subroutines which follows step to step instructions so the computer can follow in order to produce the outcome which was intended. Procedural programming allows the computer to go from the first step…show more content…
Object oriented programming is also where the different codes are split into different classes for example, a human would have class such as arm, legs, mouth, eyes and ears etc. A type of programming language which uses object oriented programming would be C++. A typical application that object oriented programming may be used for is creating video games. This is because object oriented programs can be easily modify because you can take old codes and change it so that a new object can be made with a hardly any difference to the old objects. However the limitations of object oriented programming is that because object oriented programs contains classes the file size of OOP programs are much bigger which means they are likely to run slow, therefore they will need a big amount of memory to…show more content…
If a code has a poor code quality it makes it very difficult for everyone to understand that the code is meant to do. A good quality code should have good reliability, robustness, usability, portability, maintainability and readability. Reliability means making sure that the code will work every time that it is run without producing errors, and making sure that its operation is consistent. A software that has good reliability would mean that the software has no errors and it works correctly. Robustness is similar to reliability however robustness is where you make sure the code is able handle user errors and a good quality program should produce an indicator telling the user there has been an error instead of crashing for example creating a message saying “That was an error please try again” compared to the programs where they would be no indication and the user may not know there is an error. Usability means how easy is the code to understand and can the code be used by other people. Portability means making sure that code can be used on as many different operating systems as possible, for example java is a programming language which can be used on different devices and different operating system because of the JVM (Java virtual machine) which compiles the java code and then interrupts it different depending on the operating system

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