Obesity 's Effect On The Future Generation

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Obesity 's Detrimental Effect To The Future Generation America’s future generation may become the first to not outlive their parents. Obesity has become an epidemic that has started to increase throughout the years. Many do not realize how obesity is transforming an individual’s health. Due to consuming unhealthy foods America has become the most obese country in the world. This disease has impacted an individual’s physical appearance and is affecting their lifestyle. The younger generation ranging from eighteen to twenty-five year olds is falling victim to this detrimental disease and it is transforming lives into shorter life expectancy rates than prior generations. Not only has this outbreak brought excessive weight gain but also a variety of other diseases leading to death. Obesity is cupable of becoming the next cancer in the world and to avoid this epidemic individuals should become responsible of their health, and businesses should market healthier food options, as well as have government regulations on this subject, which are all necessary to improve the future generation from dying too young. The demand of processed and fast food has increased throughout the years. Businesses have revolutionized menus into large quantities. The public has influenced a greater demand for oversized drinks and meals. Oversized sugary drinks have caused much controversy and in response many states have banned the enlarged drinks. Many unhealthy products such as fried food have left consumers craving and yearning for more. Fast food companies have targeted high school and college students by offering affordable meals to those who do not have time to prepare food or the financial support to purchase groceries. Jane E. Brody, author of Attac... ... middle of paper ... ...eving that the food advertised is healthy. As well as have smaller quantity sizes that can help limit the consumption of food being eaten. Also the younger generation need to take responsibility of what they consume and how eating unhealthy foods can have serious consequences. Government involvement is another important factor in reducing obesity because it will cause restaurants to take action and insure that each business follows certain regulations to help decrease the obesity rates from climbing too high. In order to reduce the high obesity rates in America the young generation has to take personal responsibility, have businesses market healthy alternatives, and there needs to be government involvement for changes to occur. If America does not stop this detrimental disease from spreading, the future generation will become obese and it will lead to many deaths.

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