Obesity is Killing Us

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Obesity Is Killing Us

Many will agree that anytime they get the opportunity to indulge themselves in foods that are unhealthy for them they’ll take it, but is the unhealthy weight gain and potential health risks really worth it? Obesity in adults has doubled since 1980, while childhood obesity has more than tripled (Levi and Lavizzo- Mourey 5-6). The unhealthy foods being consumed daily is affecting many American’s physically, emotionally, and mentally. It’s a big problem that is constantly growing throughout the United States. Over twenty-three million Americans have diabetes. 90% of the people that have diabetes are type 2 diabetics, which is linked to obesity and physical inactivity (Rice). Acceptance and the willingness to change are key to a healthier lifestyle, once you’ve done that eating healthier and exercising more will be easy.

The United States didn’t always have a problem with obesity. Before we had all these processed foods, everything people ate were made from scratch and didn’t contain all the preservatives that are in food today. A severe shortage of food and malnutrition use to be very common around the 1929’s.They may have not had much for food, but they were way more active than a lot of people today.

Before World War II, many of the concerns were focused on the health conditions caused by nutrient deficiency. As the United States got stronger and more well off, the attention from nutritional deficiencies changed to the conditions associated with overconsumption. Although, in the 1970s, food insecurity was still an important focus in the United States. By the 1980s and 1990s, the focus had changed to nutrition and the impact it was making in chronic diseases. Only within the last decade has overweight and ...

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