Obesity in todays children

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Physicians and researchers did numerous studies on children’s habits and lifestyles as an important part of society. Nowadays, children face big problems with obesity. As a result, researchers have learned that healthy habits could have a profound impact on the future of every child and get a better understanding of how children perceive healthy eating. Researchers have proved and would like to emphasize that obesity has tripled in Canadian children in recent decades. For this reason, researchers have identified that healthy behaviors have numerous benefits. By making healthy food choices and explaining the nutritional value of various foods to children will improve the lifestyle of every child and make children’s health better. After a large quantity of interviews that were used to collect data on what food children prefer to eat and why it was discovered that they have bad eating habits and lifestyle. Researchers have found that only 75% of children understood healthy eating by identifying what is healthy food and what is junk food. Almost all children have mentioned eating fruits and vegetables. Findings suggested that children had previously heard or thought about these topics. As a result, these findings were used to improve unhealthy lifestyles and to give many useful instructions about healthy food choices to parents. Researchers suggest expanding children’s knowledge about food and dietary behaviors, and also develop a better understanding about children’s healthy lifestyles. (Protudjer, L. 2010).


To have healthy children is the goal of every parent in the world.

In a world where fast food is quickly becoming popular, it has become more difficult to control our children’s eating habits. More and more chil...

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... are important for their health and lifestyle.


The best nutrition instructions to keep a child healthy and help him/her maintain healthy eating habits throughout the life include the following:

Eat a variety of healthy food: vegetables, fruits, grain products, fish, and meat

Balance the food a child eats with physical activity

Choose food low in fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sugar, and salt

Choose food that provides enough calcium and iron, vitamins and minerals, which promotes the body and brain development

Besides all recommendations, the process of transition to a healthy food habits is one of the most effective ways to help children to maintain healthy eating habits. It is impossible to force them to eat healthy food if we do not follow the same requirement. Choosing a healthy lifestyle has to be a role model for all family members.
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