Obesity in the US

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Students are provided with a varied of foods from the school they attend, from salads to cheeseburgers. However, within the communities of America, the children and adolescents are in danger of being or becoming obese from such foods. It has also affected their mental state of mind in making decisions in regard of how individuals treat each other and what foods we choose food. There is a discussion of concern if the school nutrition has contributed to these current dilemmas. From personal estimation, school nutrition has effect the lifestyle of the students that consume the food the school serves by their body’s condition and tedious habits. It has become common for the consumers of these foods to dismiss and forget about the nutritional value of what they are eating…or missing. The changes to the menu over the years have not been enough to help students keep up a decent condition in growth and health for their well-being. Overweight or obese children pose a higher risk physical and psychological health problems and economic concern for the country.
Over the years, obesity has increased dramatically and is continually taking control of our nation. This is due to the growth of consumption of popular, but unhealthy food and lack of suitable exercise. Which the newest Guidelines emphasis fewer calories and more exercise to be the biggest stress factor (“school lunches,” 2011, June 20). Students spend the majority of their time at school with in a day, five times a week. When lunch break comes around and starving kids that have had little to no breakfast from an early morning, they tend to over eat whatever is available to them, which may not be healthy, depending on what is served. “So often people who sell unhealthy food say that t...

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...rought up obese by their parents makes eating habits difficult to change due to similar diets. If obesity in children could decease, then the bullying rates in school could lower as well. Child would see as a decent place to learn and have confidence in how they feel physically and emotionally about themselves. In other words, depression in teenagers and children would reduce. Obesity is also posing a toll on our economy and the country’s security of our youths’ health. If it increases, the national and school economy will drop more and more into debt for more medical needs that what is necessary and increase prices on school food. Whether or not the government steps into this issue, the decision should be made to benefit the students and children for the future and not for the profit of convenience and preservation of the current conditions set put.
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