Obesity in America

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Do you know or love someone who is obese? Chances are you do, because every one in three people in the United States is obese. Obesity is a rising problem from adults to even small children. This condition causes many problems ranging from chronic health diseases to emotional disorders. As obesity is the second cause in deaths in America, there are ways to decrease and prevent the number of people living with this condition. With healthy eating habits, exercise, and encouragement, those suffering and those wishing to prevent obesity can be saved. Since obesity in America is a growing issue, it is important to maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly. If more people exercise and have a healthy diet the population of obese people will decrease.
Obesity is the second most harmful conditions in the United States today. The growing issue is creating a lasting impression on individuals, communities, and even nation wide. Next to tobacco use, which is declining, obesity is the second most cause for deaths among adults under the age of seventy in the U.S. Obesity causes several health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, unhealthy cholesterol, asthma, sleep apnea, gallstones, kidney stones, infertility, and as close as eleven types of cancers. Not only does it affect the health of the person, it affects their social and emotional feelings including discrimination, low quality in life, and the susceptibility to depression. Obesity also has an impact on the economy, the nation's productivity and even the national defense. It is estimated that one hundred ninety billion dollars was spent on health services for the obese in the year 2005, and is expected to double each year. Loss of work days, high...

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...g, biking, and sports are ways to get moving while having fun. It is suggested to get at least twenty to thirty minutes of exercise a day, followed by five to ten minutes of stretching. By being physically fit, it helps maintain a healthy weight, build strong bones, and prevent health problems.
To conclude this discussion, Obesity is a standing and rising problem in the United States. If more people exercise regularly and practice a healthy diet, the population of obese people will decline. Obesity can cause several health and emotional issues and is the second cause of death in America. Since statistics show that one in three adults are obese, and one in five children are obese, there is a need for healthier meals and more exercise to stop the rise of this condition. Obesity can be prevented and eliminated if people decide to step up and become informed.
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