Obesity in Ameirca

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Obesity has become a concern for many people in our culture. The obesity rate among Americans has gotten worse over the years. The topic of weight is very prevalent among people in today's society. Everywhere you look you see people of different weights and appearances. Tall, small, thin, wide, fat and skinny are just a variety of the words we use to describe people. Not many people are completely satisfied with their weight. People are constantly looking for ways to better themselves and improve their physical appearance. In our society, obesity has become a defining problem of American culture.

So many people are overweight or obese today due to a number of factors that influence being overweight and obese which include behavior, environment and genetics. Each plays a significant role. Behavior relates to a person eating too many calories while not getting enough physical activity. Environment involves a persons home, work, school, or community that can provide barriers or opportunities for an inactive and active lifestyle. Americans tend to eat high-fat foods, and put taste and convenience ahead of nutrition. Also, most Americans do not get enough physical activity. Last is genetics, which heredity plays a large role in determining how susceptible people are to becoming overweight and obese. Obesity tends to run in families, yet families also share diet and lifestyle habits that may contribute to obesity.

Another possibility is the size of food portions....
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