Obesity Reflection Paper

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Obesity has been one of the major problems in the United States. One of the ways that we can decrease this rising problem is to get people to monitor what they eat. This will allow them to see categories they are doing good in and categories that need improvement in their diet. This is something that I did for three days in one week and will now go ahead and analyze the most important factors to a diet and how to improve them. Based on the data above it looks like that I’m maintaining my calorie intake on the base of a 2200 calorie diet per day. I’m consuming just the right amount of calories from protein, but I’m a little over on the consumption of calories from fat. Saturated fat is also a category that I’m over in by about five percent.…show more content…
My calorie intake compared to the calorie intake expenditures is quite low. The estimate energy requirement for how much activity I’m involved in state that I should consume 2800 calories daily. As shown in the report above I’m at about half of the required amount meaning that I will need to start consuming more calories daily in order for my body to have enough energy to power through the exercises. Also most of the other categories stayed the same and their amounts did not change in my estimated expenditure. I have once tried to increase the amount of calories I consume in a day and it didn’t go so well because it’s not as easy as it sounds. It’s quite hard to increase the amount of food one consumes in a day so this will be a challenge for me but if it will help me and my body why not try. One of the ways I can try and increase my calorie intake is to consume foods that are high in protein, also I can have a cup of nuts a day, and I can start putting avocado slices in certain food I eat in. All of these will help me increase my calorie intake, in the meantime keep my fat intake where it…show more content…
That’s why its important to find the perfect diet where there is just enough intake of everything essential for our body to function healthier. As I have stated previously, there are many ways that I can improve my current diet, one of them being to decrease my fat intake. Another way I can improve my eating habit is to start cooking more. When I cook for myself I have more control of what ingredients are present; one example is the sodium intake if I were to make my own food I have the control of how much salt I use in my food. Also I definitely need to increase my mineral and vitamin intake as they are crucial to our daily function. I can increase the two by consuming more fruits, vegetables and eat more fish, as fish is a great source for magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc etc. Also as I mentioned, when I go out to eat or buy food I need to pay attention to the nutritional labels because there are many hidden fats and such in foods. Another thing that I can change about my diet is to consume drink that are not high in sugar. What I tend to do is when I go out to eat I tend to drink soda because I don’t drink it at home. I need to stop doing that and if I go out either order a low-sugar tea or water as those will be the healthiest options. If people took the time to do create this report, they would
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