Obesity: It Is Out of Control

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“In the past 30 years the occurrence of children who are overweight and obese has more than tripled.”(CDC). Over the past few years obesity has been getting out of control and why aren't we doing anything about it, and it really seems that we aren’t. Children are suffering from obesity everyday and it’s mostly the parents fault because they aren't doing anything about it. If we don’t do anything about it the number will be increasing more and more, over the years to come, starting with schools. The more access kids have with unhealthy food, is the schools because schools have junk foods and how hard is it to ask mom or dad for some money for they can get some chips, pop, candy and all those unhealthy snacks, and not getting yelled at by their parents. Because of obesity the number is increasing in America we should ban all junk foods from schools.

More than 40 percent of children are over weight mostly because of unhealthy foods and lack of exercise. The parents should be more involved in the kids eating habits. They should talk with their children what they can or can’t eat on the school menus. Yes Junk food helps with money and programs in the schools but we should find better ways to raise money without hurting anyone's health issues. Schools should find new ways to raise money like making a fund raiser. We should do something now. So we can save more lives later to on. Also with the lack of exercise they say that " 62% of students do not meet recommended levels of physical education classes." (Scholatic).That is also a big cause of childhood obesity.

"Soda and junk food will be replaced with more nutritious alternatives.Children and teens will still have choices, but instead of candy or chips, they will decide between ...

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...d choices. And make school lunches more healthier. Lets save more lives. Lets not make children fight so their lives. Because really children shouldn’t even be fighting so their lives because they are barely starting to grow, barely seeing the world. So it is a good thing that their should be a law that all junk food and unhealthy foods should be banned from all schools in the United States of America. So we can save more lives to come.

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