Obesity In Zinczenko's Don T Blame The Eater

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Everybody eats McDonald 's...right. Do not lie; you have cheated on your diet before. The guilt of knowing that one burger will change your weight. No that is not it, you just feel guilty because you constantly hear "calorie balance, calorie intake". So what is the point of all this? Well in zinczenko 's article "Don 't Blame the Eater" he talks about whether we should take the blame for obesity or blame the company. They each play their parts, though I concede that zinczenko is right: the fast food industry should label their food. I still insist that people should make their own researches to see what they are eating instead of suing the fast food industry. It is not personal...it 's just business.

First Zinczenko starts off with stating how kids are suing fast food restaurant and how parents are outraged. He explains how he has been in there shoes, growing up with split parents is not always easy. He started to put on weight; thankfully, he joins the navy in college. In where he learns to manage his diet. Throughout the reading he points fingers at the company more and more. According to Zinczenko, “There are no calorie information charts on fast food packaging, the way there are on grocery items” (Zinczenko,463).In other words, Zinczenko believes, fast food restaurants should label their food; he compares them to how grocery items have nutrional
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In discussions of Zinczenko, one controversial issue has been whether we should blame fast food restaurant on obesity. On the one hand, Zinczenko argues that we should blame the fast food restaurant, for their lack of warning labels. My own view is that they both play a big part , yes fast food should label their foods nonetheless consumers should know to control themselves and not buy extra-large drinks and just sit on the

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