Obesity Didease or Choice

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Obesity: Disease or Choice

Obesity: Choice or Disease
Ever since 2013, obesity has been one of the leading health problems in America and around the world. Obesity is a poor decision choice because it’s obesity isn’t the food types people buy; it’s a result of the the food types people buy, lack of exercise and food addictions. People can come over and lose weight to help get rid of obesity. To help lessens the chance of getting fatal diseases from getting obesity as well.

The foods we buy effects our wieght as well as a hudge factor. In the year 2013 alone, over 23.9 million children ages 2 to 19 are overweight or obese. Among Americans age 20 and older, 154 million are overweight or obese (American Heart 2013). This statistic shows that from America the numbers can't be a disease, but is instead a lifestyle choice thats almost 178 million Americas are obease. Just as little as thirty years ago fast food companies exploded with business because it’s cheap food and that coincidence it has caused so many health issues to consumers with the fast food injusry.

A factor causing obesity is lack of exercise and physical activity. An example can be the type of jobs people do not have time exercise or physical activity. Someone that has a nine-to-five desk job,who rarely gets physical exercise who eats very unhealthy foods from lack of exercise. Causing gradual weight gain for people who dont exersise enough. While on the other side, someone who is on a sports team can eat as much food as they burn off. Having the health problem cause extreme health problems compared to the people who are overweight. There are many ways to help, but the two main ways are e...

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