Obesity Among Our Children

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Despite the growing intelligence and technology of the world around us, obesity rapidly sweeps through many nations without discriminating against any age or race (Schwarz, 1). Even young children, starting at preschool age, constantly acquire more body fat and slowly transition from healthy to obese percentiles. According to the article, Obesity Among Low-Income Preschool Children, “1 of 3 children are obese or overweight before their 5th birthday (2).” Often times, patterns such as obesity repeat themselves or continue into adulthood (Obesity in Children and Teens, 2). Without making an effort to solve the problem, people contribute to the issue and allow it to continue to grow out of hand. Due to the outbreak of obesity, people around the world should be aware of how this devastating problem arises so they can make an effort to prevent future issues and solve current ones.
Obesity is not limited to just one specific cause; it has a variety of factors that contribute to the accumulation of weight over time. The medical definition of obesity is a person who consumes more calories than they burn which results in weight gain and ultimately obesity (Obesity in Children and Teens, 2). Most importantly, people should be aware of the everyday lifestyles that will contribute to overconsumption of calories and increased inactivity. As a result of the many luxurious conveniences of our technologically advanced society, upcoming generations of children have grown increasingly lazy (Childhood and Adolescent, 1). Due to pleasure centered advantages such as televisions in every room or multiple handheld game devices, children would rather sit around staring at screens than enjoy some fresh air outside (Overweight and Obesity, 3). ...

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