Obesity: America's Major Issue

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More than a third of U.S. adults and nearly 17 percent of children are obese (Brody 1). Obesity remains a significant health problem in the United States. It has affected millions of Americans and the effects are gruesome. The United States is the fattest nation among 33 countries with advanced economies (Murphy 60). There are many things that can lead to obesity and the state of the economy in our country is not helping fight this issue. If the government does not create stricter food policies and restrictions then people will suffer from the effects of obesity and eventually die.
Obesity today is a very serious and deadly problem in the United States. Today, “obesity in childhood continues to grow in prevalence among adolescents in the United States. In some states, obesity is found in nearly forty percent of children” (“Obesity-Related Diseases” 3). Children have gotten in the path of obesity and have been affected by it. On top of that, our adults have been playing a key role in obesity and have been affected as well, “more than a third of American adults and nearly one in five are now obese” (Brody 1). The question is asked, why are Americans becoming so obese? There are many reasons for obesity. Obesity is a very serious subject and a problem to be discussed. Obesity can start at youth and progress over time. Our children can become obese from the advertising they see. A key problem in the growth of obesity is advertising. Fast food chains have been marketing an abundance of ads for unhealthy foods. Kelly Brownell, a Director of the Yale Food Policy Center, states, “Children are exposed to a massive amount of marketing for lots of unhealthy foods” (Olson 1). But who is responsible for this excessive marketing? The government is the one that is allowing this. Brownell also states, “We believe that children deserve protection from that—that

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