Obesity: America Did It

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In America today, right off of every highway exit and service area there are a variety of fast-food restaurants. Walk through any given grocery store and prepared foods that say “ready in minutes” or “fully cooked” are on just about every isle. Many younger adults today are growing up in what one might call a fast paced culture. Such radical changes of living including the easy access to these fast foods, lead to unhealthy eating habits and have taken a toll for the worst, obesity. The children, unfortunately, have become the target of obesity. The long term affects are commonly associated with most diseases that are affecting society today; these include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, cancer, orthopedic and psychosocial problems. This new and ever changing lifestyle has brought a constant debate whether or not scientific, cultural and environmental factors have been a growing influence on child and teen obesity to the surface. Such factors do influence childhood and teenage obesity because of the hustle and bustle lifestyle Americans live today, the media’s heavy advertisement in ones daily life as well as American children’s lack of a basic nutritional diet, and exercise. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention distinguishes the difference between the terms being overweight and being obese. The term overweight refers to a person with a weight that is high compared to others including his same height and technically has nothing to do with a person’s amount of body fat (CDC). To illustrate, one person might weigh more because of their high individual muscle mass. Keeping this in mind, obesity is defined as an excessively high amount of body fat. Both terms mean that a person's weight is greater than... ... middle of paper ... ...borhoods is also a major influence on the escalation of obesity because many parents are uncomfortable and do not feel it is safe for their children to play outside, or even the limit on space when living in the city. In order to reduce these numbers Americans need to be informed as well as the children who must be educated and encouraged to be more physical and partake in exercise. It has come to my attention that some people may claim that it is ones choice to pick up a bag of chips opposed to a hearty plate of home cooked food but, a child may not understand the harm that they are causing their bodies by consuming such foods; especially when all they have seen are immense colorful billboards proving otherwise. Therefore, American children and teens are victims of the environments absence in health awareness and the possibility of becoming obese, if not already.

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