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All over the world there is an increasing popularity of obesity such as United state of America comparing with United Arab Emirates, because of this increase and awareness of the risks to long term health that obesity presents, the appearance is now described by many as a global epidemic. The International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE) an well recognized institutional membership in the worldwide. Although has a associate relations with UNESCO. ICSSPE build a stronger international cooperation and bridge the gap between developed and developing countries. Since obesity has become such a critical issue for all nations it is ICSSPE's aim that all peoples, institutes and organizations involved in sport keep up to date with latest research.

Obesity is the extra body weight and it can lead to many diseases. It can cause cancer, cardiovascular, diabetes and many others. In the next few paragraphs we are going to talk about the causes of obesity in the United States and United Arab Emirates. The United States has the highest obesity rate in the world with the overall percentage of 68.5% of men and women obese. In addition, one of the top countries with high rates of obesity is the United Arab Emirates with the percentage of 60% of men and women to be overweight.

The the number of obesity is becoming larger in all around the world. The scientists and doctors said as they expected that the percentage of obesity will increase in the future and also there are some people are getting sick and die, so the scientists are making a research about why it's increasing rather then decreasing and a way to stop this problem, and save peoples lives. The obesity symptoms obesity are dangerous for all people h...

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...l live longer with healthy life without any risks. It's necessary to educate the world and put a limit to get rid of the obesity crisis in the world. Currently, more than 140 community groups are participating in We Can! programs. Theses communities contain hospitals, health departments, clinics, schools, and more to prevented the obesity in life of the community.


Obesity is attacking humans, the percentages of obesity are rising day by day, and it will continue without stoping. Those human don't recognize what can obesity do for them, it can damage their bodies and their overall health in the future. So, we must advise them to live a health lifestyle by exercising every day and make a diet to reduce the high food calories, and these thing are the key to decreased the obese. So, let's challenge the obesity by changing our obese life to a healthy life.
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