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In the world today there is a war going on over the rise of obesity among children. Obesity is a health concern that many children face in the world today. “Obesity in the U.S. is a financial burden that continues to rise and put a strain on the entire healthcare system. It also puts a burden on many parents. There are some things that are being done to address the issue. More things could also be done to prevent this issue that children are facing. The rise of obesity among children has increased over many decades. Research shows that obesity is a health issue that is rising because of fast food restaurants not revealing the calories and nutritional content in their food product’s, parents not taking time to feed their children healthy home cooked meals and children not getting enough exercise.
Obesity has taken over many kids lives. The rise has many parents and citizens concerned for the safety of children. There are many people to blame when it comes to the rise of children being obese. Parents blame fast food restaurants for the rise while restaurants blame parents for the rise. Some people are still wondering if there are others to blame for the rise. There are many calories and not enough nutrition in fast food restaurant food. These calorie foods and lack of nutrition can play a part in childhood obesity. Fast food restaurants need to work with parents to come up with nutritional and low calorie meals. There are many ways that a parent can work with fast food restaurants to make sure their children are getting a well-balanced nutritional meal.
There has been a ton of research completed on the rise of obesity around the world. Some research has proven that fast food restaurant’s not revealing the calories and nutritional c...

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