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Not only bad eating habits and time cause obesity, but also poverty. Poverty is one of the prime reasons which causes obesity. In fact, It forces people to buy unhealthy food because it costs less than fresh food. As well, if they want to cook every day at home, they might pay for high electrical or gas bills, and they do not think that they can gain enough money to pay for many bills. Therefore, they prefer to eat from fast food restaurants, instead of cooking their meals at home. According to “Overweight and Obese Low-Income Women” by Bucholz, Huffman and Mckenna, “financial stressors were commonly mentioned, such as not having enough money for healthy foods,... Many participants talked about the fact… healthy foods are simply more expensive than fast food” (189). Therefore, poor people almost depend on harmful food, and they do not care about the nutritious or the value of food, they will be more focus on the price of the meals and how to save money.
In addition, “Why the Risk of Obesity is Greater for the Poor,” by Hedwig Lee, from the University of Washington found that impover...

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that poor people depend on unhealthy food because it costs less than fresh food. they prefer to eat from fast food restaurants instead of cooking at home.
  • Explains that hedwig lee's "why the risk of obesity is greater for the poor" found that impoverished families have to buy food which doesn't have an expiry date and can be stored for a long time.
  • Explains that obesity affects every part of people's body, from reproductive and respiratory function to memory and mood. government should pay a lot of money to help people get better lives.
  • Explains that obese people don't have good insurance planes to pay for their medical care, which costs them a lot of money to their hospitalization.
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