Oberservation and Analysis of Organizational Behavior: UTIS

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The organization that I went to is a part of IUPUI. Many of you will know this group as UITS, sense I used to be a part of this group awhile ago my old boss said it would be fine if I just sat in to see what was going on and this also allowed me to do this assignment. UITS is the group at IUPUI that is in charge of minting and making sure that all the technology on campus is working as it should. This organization has a great deal of many layers making it an ideal organization to study and understand what exactly is going on. Each building at IUPUI has its own branch of UTIS. Each one of these branches specializes in the technology that is need for that building. Depending on what building it is the technology can be vastly different. For example Herron school of art is going to be focusing more on computers that have a great deal of attention towards graphic design. Where as the building of engineering and science is going to be focusing on computers that are more suitable for math and or different various activities.
The meeting lasted for a 30 mins and over that time it gave me a good idea of the issues that were being discussed the people that were there and what decision that group had made through out the meeting. The main topics that were discussed in the meeting are the following. how to handle mobile device encryption, discussing when they are going to start using a feature called app locker, and discussing a few changes that have been made with various systems that UITS supports and small changes that will impact the current states of the servers. The length of these issues really varied. Most of the time the group talked about what app locker was and how it is going to effect the people that they support. As for the pe...

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... makes a great deal of since being since the leadership group was making all of the procedures for the reset of the group to follow.
I have to say at the end of this project I was rather impressed and my eyes were opened up with everything that I have learned from this class. There is great deal of different styles and different concepts that each group has that you never really think about until you learn how all of these different concepts effect the group and how the grow works together. This was a great learning experience and I also think that learning these concepts is really going to help me in the real world. Understand how something should be done and what the boss is going to expect based on their different leadership styles.

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