Obedience And Disobedience Essay

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Bachir Ghandour Essay Obedience and disobedience ENG 204 AUB Spring 2014 Humanity is a list of struggles and revolutions that led to our current evolution. Till now, revolutions are constantly taking place. Revolutions can differ in nature, ranging from intellectual, to technological and even political which we are witnessing currently especially in the Arab world. Yet along with this diversity in nature, we find out that disobedience is driving motor behind them. So it appears that disobedience is a must in order to evolve as a species and that obedience is what’s holding us back from attaining our highest possible level of “intelligence”. Humans are after all social animals and need to be part of a group to survive. However, obedience is also a must for any society to persist and exist in a healthy atmosphere, for without it chaos would appear and thus there would be no chance for innovation and evolution. As we will see being part of a group can be accompanied by what’s known as a group mind, so finding the right combination between being obedient and disobedient is essential to be understood if Humans are to continue in their forward evolution. In fact as writer Fromm states: “If a man can only obey and not disobey, he is a slave; if he can only disobey and not obey, he is a rebel (not a revolutionary)”. From this statement and as it will be later on explained, being Human means having the freedom to both obey and disobey. Disobedience is often associated with a bad behavior. Children are taught from early age not to disobey their parents at home or any other elderly person whether at school or somewhere else. At the same time, disobedience has resulted in many successful innovations and discoveries that propelle... ... middle of paper ... ...olutions to convince the others. In the end we see that evolution is a very delicate process. In order for Humanity to evolve humans must find the perfect balance between obedience of the laws keeping us together away from chaos and disobedience against what’s wrong and malicious. This can explain why revolutions take time to happen, because disobedience is like a row of dominos. People are first under the spell of obeying the group mind, but then if a single courageous person has the guts to stand up and resist then this will encourage others as well and a chain is formed. Yet after this disobedience if no one obeys the general rules agreed upon then there is no room for society to exist. And here is the difference between being human free to obey and disobey and between being either a slave capable of only obeying or a rebel controlled by his passion to disobey.
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