Obama´s Race to the Top Educational Policy

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How do you establish the perfect balance between State rights, Educational Policy and what it best for all U.S. students. There does not appear to be a clear cut answer but that has not stop many of our educational leaders from attempting to make changes. Barack Obama seems to believe he has found the solution. Just as George W. Bush thought he had found the answer. As time has proven, George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind was a failure. Will Obama’s Race to the Top be a failure as well? Only time will tell but there is a crucial component missing from all these plans; teacher input. The very ones that know and understand what is needed for student success. The varying pieces that comprise the educational crisis in our country seem unable to come together by our political leaders, yet, the major piece is constantly being left out. Is Race to the Top an attempt by the Federal Government to establish a national curriculum? Is this a bad thing? How will the states respond and does it go too far in violating states’ rights? Race to the Top, more a less a lottery contest, in which stat...

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