Obamacare's killing of Americans

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Additionally, another sure secondary development will result in massive American deaths. With the best doctors and hospitals also refusing to accept patients insured by Obamacare and Medicaid, people not critically ill now could also die. Keep in mind that Obamacare ripped three quarters of a trillion dollars from Medicare and it is being cut to the bare bones. Therefore, bureaucrats and politicians will very likely attempt to merge or morph Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare into one enormous, ill-conceived, and diabolical plot to force all healthcare providers into accepting these three plans as one. Thus, to remain in the business of healing the sick, they must agree to all governmental rules, regulations, and payment schedules.
Sadly, the worst parts of Obamacare have yet to be uncovered and reported by media. As the aforementioned Pelosi said, we had to pass it to find out what’s in it. We are witnessing but a few of the “unpleasantries” alluded to by this leftist Democratic Party demoness.
Think about the following:
• When businesses discover the costs and regulations of Obamacare on their bottom line in maintaining health coverage for their employees, millions of Americans will undoubtedly find themselves dropped from their plans, and Obamacare’s rickety boat will take on more water.
• By dropping more and more people to part-time status, businesses will increasingly place employees on the exchanges. This will soon be followed by elimination altogether of company-paid health insurance.
• Another catastrophe awaiting unsuspecting taxpayers is the inevitability of insurance company bailouts. Obama will, of course, blame the failure of his Marxist ploy on these companies and tell us he is only looking out for us when he steal...

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...e New Democratic Party are taking the best healthcare plan in the world and turning it into a third world system where government will decide not only winners and losers, but who will live and who will die.
In other words, the best health care in the history of the world will be reduced to the lowest common denominator; which is what big government is always about and what it always accomplishes with meddling, regulating, and totalitarianism. Republicans are being chastised for not helping Democrats and Obama murder more Americans via Obamacare.
Barack Obama makes claims that he is always looking out for the poor and middleclass. The truth is obvious; Obama, politicians, and the well-to-do will always have access to good healthcare. So the victims of Obamacare will be the poor and middleclass that Obama claims to be continually helping.
More liberalism? Anyone?
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