Obamacare is not Helping our Community

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Obama Care is not helping our community. It is making some people poor, because Obama is making have to have health care although some people can’t afford it. Some people can afford it but don’t want it,and some people will get it because the want it. With Obama Care there is also less money for schools and education. It also makes colleges more expensive than they would be normally so most people don’t agree with Obama Care, and with Obama forcing people to pick his prefered insurance, people lose the right to chose for themselves. Some people have issues with Obama Care because it is too expensive for some people to afford. “According to a recent article by US News, an average 27 year-old male will pay 235% more for health insurance under the "Affordable Care Act."(Backer) Most people have a problem with it because it is making the government have less money for education and schools so some schools aren't getting as much money as they should be. “As states are forced to redirect a growing portion of their budgets to Medicaid, less funding will be available for other state priorities, such as education.”(Senger) Some people that are going to a college could be having problems because with Obama Care it is making colleges more expensive and where you have to pay more money. Most people have a problem with it because Obama is making us have health care. Obama is also taking away our human rights that we have as a citizen.Obama is also making us get his preferred insurance which is what takes away our rights.. It also takes away money for people like landlords. I believe that Obama Care is not helping our community, because it is making some people have less money. Some people also are buying the health care and don’t want it... ... middle of paper ... ...ests in a dozen states with radio ads criticizing Democrats who backed the health care law's creation. "We want to hold the president and these Democrats accountable for Obama care."But Democrats -- who had moved to embrace Obama care before an autumn roll out of health care exchanges was overshadowed by website failures -- believe they will be able to shift voters' attention to the economy and job creation in time to preserve their majority. In conclusion to Obama Care there are some major issues with it. Whether its where people do not have enough money to afford it or the democrats not wanting it. We all might agree that Obama Care is not helping our community. Although Obama is our president it is his job to try to help, and not to mention the fact that he is probably a nice person. He is still trying to help out our community as much as he can possibly help.
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