Obamacare: Affordable Care Act

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In 2010 Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which is a piece of reform designed to greatly to expand health care access. Since the Teddy Roosevelt administration there have been ideas on how to provide universal healthcare or a healthcare reform. It was then seen in Henry Truman’s campain where he used it as a platform in 1948 for the Democratic Party. Following that in the 1960’s you have major reforms that were created that we now know of as Medicare or Medicaid which are kind of socialism type of programs that are guaranteeing some type of health insurance for people with low income and also elderly and retirees. Yet even with those types of forms for the overall population in the 21st century the U.S still had about 48 million Americans that had no health insurance. So people on the very far right would argue that free market capitalism would be the best approach for allowing pure competition to drive down costs. And with lower prices it would obviously allow more people to buy health insurance. But of you are more leaning towards the left side you kind of have the notion that healthcare is a guarantee that is not a responsibility it’s a right as a human being. Therefore the government through the people’s representation should kind of have a system where everybody has free access. Which we all know that nothing here is free so that would mean that they would need to use tax money to pay for that, and that would follow up to an increase in taxes. In addition to if you are looking at a kind of organization of governmental concepts the philosophy of the United States if founded on the idea of a kind of protection of personal liberty and property. So people on the right see it as a type of thievery while ...

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