Obamacare: A Rocky Start To A Smoother Future

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First impressions are important everywhere. From job interviews to meeting your significant other’s parents, the way you present yourself in the beginning of a new relationship leaves a lasting impact on how you will be seen and thought of by those meeting you for the very first time. The concept of a first impression is applicable on more than just a personal level, but also a national level with the Affordable Care Act being the new stranger in our lives. The Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare signed into law back in 2010, has recently come into play of many people’s lives in a relationship many of us have been comfortable with over the years, that being the relationship between ourselves and our health care. (Fielding 30) With a difficult glitch ridden start and opponents denouncing the bill’s overall benefits on society, Obamacare may have not made the best first impression, leaving people to wonder who their insurance improve and how they will get signed up. After the kinks get worked out however, many believe the Affordable Care Act will do more positive things for this country and the health of its citizens, overcoming the shaky first impression it made not too long ago.
One of the main topics we see discussed regarding the Affordable Care Act is its goal to get everyone in this country the health insurance and care they deserve as a human being. The primary method the act plans to get all of the United States signed up and enrolled for health insurance is through the government website Healthcare.gov. (Brown) The rollout of Healthcare.gov may have left a sour taste in the mouths of American citizens skeptical on just how well the system and the law as a whole will work for them. While the initial launch of t...

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... still a relatively new piece of legislation and with time and tinkering of the finer details of the law, it can be beneficial to everyone both socially, medically and economically.

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