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The US government spends almost twice as much per citizen on healthcare compared to other developed nations but comparatively lags behind drastically in key areas such as infant mortality and average life expectancy (“Kane”).This disparity is the result of an antiquated, bloated, bureaucratic and corrupt healthcare system that gives insurance companies and individual doctors far too much power. This system results in millions of lost consumer dollars, increased deficit and an unhappy populace. In response to this crisis, President Obama proposed the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) which aims to condense and reduce the old system, eliminate much of its bureaucratic clutter, and expands coverage to all Americans. Although his plan is quite solid, it runs the risk of dying during implementation due to the intense controversy it generates. The current Health Care crisis originated due to several key underlying causes. In 2010, 50.7 million Americans did not have health insurance (“Wolf”). That is almost one seventh of the nation’s population. Naturally, this large swath of uncovered Americans caused the nation a ton of financial troubles. For example: A healthy 25 year old male who works a blue collar job hasn’t bought health insurance because he naively believes he won’t need it. Then, he gets injured at work and breaks his back. Now when he goes to the hospital seeking care he must be treated even though he has not bought insurance because laws passed during the 70s stated that hospitals had to treat all patients that sought care. So what happens to his large hospital bill? The hospital passes the costs down to the insurance companies and then the insurance companies pass down the costs to all of us. Another cause is the steady ri... ... middle of paper ... ...014. O'Brien, Matthew. "Why Do the Super-Rich Keep Comparing Obama to Hitler?" The Atlantic. Atlantic Media Company, 29 Jan. 2014. Web. 30 May 2014. O'Meter, Truth. "Barack Obama Says That What He'd Said Was You Could Keep Your Plan 'if It Hasn't Changed since the Law Passed'" PolitiFact. 4 Nov. 2013. Web. 30 May 2014. Puzder, Andrew. "A CEO's-Eye View of Obamacare." The Wall Street Journal. Dow Jones & Company, 22 July 2013. Web. 30 May 2014. Taylor, Humphrey. "Health Affairs." How And Why The Health Insurance System Will Collapse. 3 Nov. 2002. Web. 30 May 2014. Tully, Shawn. "5 Freedoms You'd Lose in Health Care Reform." CNNMoney. Cable News Network, 24 July 2009. Web. 30 May 2014. Wolf, Richard. "Number of Uninsured Americans Rises to 50.7 Million -" Number of Uninsured Americans Rises to 50.7 Million - 17 Sept. 2010. Web. 30 May 2014.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the us government spends twice as much per citizen on healthcare compared to other developed nations, but lags behind drastically in key areas such as infant mortality and average life expectancy.
  • Explains that the current health care crisis originated due to several key underlying causes. in 2010, 50.7 million americans did not have health insurance.
  • Explains that the problem of providing universal healthcare in america has its roots in the progressive era, when an illiterate population of underclass low wage immigrant workers threatened the health of the cities.
  • Analyzes how obama and his aides came up with the affordable care act, which expands medicaid, caps medicare costs, provides a no denial system, extends parent’s plans for children to 25 and forces employers to provide healthcare.
  • Analyzes how obama pushed for a clintonresque bill to pass through the senate and used back room deals and incentives to get the gop and the insurance companies on his side.
  • Analyzes how obama's compromise with insurance companies forced all americans to own health insurance by a set date. the federal healthcare marketplace was overwhelmed by hundreds of thousands of applicants.
  • Summarizes daschale, tom, bill frist, pete domienci, and alice rivlin's "better, thriftier health care." the washington post.
  • Quotes kane, jason, klein, ezra, and puzder, andrew. "a ceo's-eye view of obamacare."
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