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One of the more significant or essential concepts in my opinion is communication. Communication, the exchange of information is a key concept because when information is shared in a constructive manner there is an opportunity for understanding and even acceptance in most cases.
Communication develops a sense of trust and portrays a gesture of sensitivity which usually results in a more positive reaction and cooperation. Open communication is especially important when transition is involved. Communication will enable a smoother transition because all will be aware of the changes taking place and with some explanation may welcome the change due to the greater understanding the communication may have provided. When an organization withholds information it creates havoc and mistrust amongst the members of that organization. Communication may not always be negative; it is just as important to communicate when the information is that of a positive nature.
Organizational effectiveness and efficiency relies on each member of the organization’s participation or contribution. An organization must identify what their goals and strategy are and recognize what their strengths and weakness are. They must improve their methods and practices to greater their strengths and evaluate the areas or factors that are preventing or weakening their productivity and overall progress and restructure or eliminate to achieve the organizations goals. This is one area where organizational learning...
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