OOP In Programming Language And Object Oriented Programming

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One of the major paradigms in programming language is Object Oriented programming. In modern software engineering object oriented programming is considered as the major concept, as it allows the programmer to facilitate clean and efficient code. Apart from this, the design patterns of object oriented programming suits well with most of the computing issues. Object oriented programming produces well organized code and also focuses on determinant of productivity. In this report we will discuss and compare objected oriented programming language and procedural programming language along with the genesis of OOP. Role of OOP in modern programming solutions. Object oriented programming roused the software industry in early 90’s. It is considered as…show more content…
Both of these programming approaches have similar methods of writing a program which include top-bottom approach, bottom-up approach, structured programming, and modular programming. The main aim of both the programming models is to make program clean efficient, less complex and bug free. The difference between procedural and object oriented programming language is that, when programs are relatively less complex and moderate in nature using procedural programming is helpful, whereas when programs are highly complex in nature then object oriented approach is helpful instead of procedural as it is more efficient in nature and provides code reusability option. Code reusability helps the programmer to use the code of other programmer as many number of times in the program, this makes the software development faster and…show more content…
Simula languages were developed by Ole-John Dahl and Nygaard, the key concept of OOP was bought by Simula67. Nygaard researched about the need of creating precise tools for the complex man made machine systems. The idea of developing an object oriented programming language is that, the language can be used as system’s description for the people and as system’s prescription i.e. as computer program through a complier. There are many object oriented programming languages, but the most common ones are, C++, Java and
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