O’ Connor’s Influences and Inspirations before Her Death

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O’ Connor’s Influences and Inspirations before Her Death
Like every author, before begins to write a story or novel. The author needs to have a structure from which to build a good story or novel. Most writers will prefer to use their personal experiences as the start of their structure, while other authors may prefer to write about current events that they are experiencing in their lives. Flannery O’Connor was born at Savanna’ St. Joseph’s Hospital and raised in Savannah Georgia, where she became obtaining her inspirations as a writer. O’ Connor’s parents, Regina Cline O’ Connor and Edward Francis O’ Connor, both came from Roman Catholic families (Connie 3), which will help her build a strong religious faith that would stay with her all of her life. Based on her personal experiences, O’ Connor become building a strong Catholic background, which obtained an enormous impact in her short stories. O’ Connor’s stories are mostly influenced to her personal life, as she believed, it would be easier for the readers to see and understands her personal life.
O’ Connor life had a significant change, when she attended High School; O’ Connor Stared writing and drawing Cartoons for the School Paper (Flannery). Her cartooning experiencing would have a profound effect on her style of writing. Even though she relocated in Milledgeville she continues attending Christian Schools, because her parents were strong Roman Catholics. Sadly in her early teenage years, the doctors eventually revealed that she was suffering from lupus erythematous, the same disease that killed her father Edward Francis O’ Connor. Instead of decay for her illness, she decided to push the new challenges she had on her way and focused first of all on her educ...

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...oughout her short stories making valid her point of view about religion.

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