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In the Levinson Tractenberg Group’s campaign to influence women to buy Nuvo, they begin by presenting it in a way that you couldn't e ven tell if it was alcohol. Nuvo is displayed and cased in a bottle, made to look like perfume or any other accessory that women use,; hence the lip stick shaped top and perfume shaped bottle cap. Nuvo even goes as far as to describes itself as “ the ultimate accessory”(quote) where is this description? .The product itself plays on the fact that it knows it looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye, sporting a clear pink appearance and fancy container; with these factors as the basis for its campaign, Nuvo creates an image suitable to represent their product. Nuvo chooses the quote “be glamorous”, along with the famous Eva Longoria as the image of their campaign. In this ad, Nuvo isn’t even the highlight of the advertisement; it is in fact Eva Longoria herself. Eva is projected as the most prominent feature in the Ad, because Nuvo wants to establish her as the “ideal woman” that other women need to chase. Eva was chosen as Nuvo’s visual persona by no mere coincidence. Eva is a successful soap opera actor, model and golden globe nominee; she earns millions of dollars as an annual salary and supports many humanitarian causes. Eva was even recognized as philanthropist of the year by The HollyWood Reporter, achieving all these feats by the age of 39. These aspects made Eva Longoria the perfect face to promote Nuvo with, because she exuberates the “glamour” that Nuvo is trying to convey with its product. The fact that Eva herself is part of the demographic that the ad is trying to appeal to may be extra garnish added to the ad. The ad clearly states its target gender by establishing pink as the theme col... ... middle of paper ... ... as previously claimed, because of ads such as this. This ad displays T-pain, a famous rapper, as someone who drinks Nuvo. This ad may be credible relevance to a male dominated counter argument on the surface, but in essence it is still part of the glamorous influence used to subjugate females. T-pain is a famous RnB singer, whose target audience is females 18 and older (his music is for mature audiences only), he sings various love songs about girls, to girls and for girls. This could use this aspect to introduce Nuvo to the female audience that wasn’t interested in fashion, targeting their music. The use of this ad in a counter argument against the female targeted demographic would be irrelevant as it is used to support the same notions under a different guise. Nuvo utilizes pressure and stereotypes present in the female population to convince them to buy Nuvo.

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