Nutritionists Have a Healthy Regard for Food

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Ever since my mother was a young girl my grandmother, her mother, always prepared healthy, nutritional meals. Because of my grandmother, my mother learned a great amount of information on how to maintain a healthy diet. For the reason of my mother’s learning, from the time when I was a young girl my family has always had an interest in nutrition and maintaining a healthy diet. My parents always cook nutritional meals, being cautious of what ingredients they were placing into foods. Throughout the years, I learned what healthy food sources to consume and what not to. Learning about being a healthy eater encouraged me to want to help others maintain a healthy diet; therefore I want to become a nutritionist.
“Nutritionists have a healthy regard for food and its life-sustaining properties.” (“Career”). Nutritionist’s goal is to prevent and treat illness through a proper diet. They evaluate the diets of patients and clients suffering from medical disorders; such as hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. They encourage nutritional eating habits for communities, schools, hospitals, prisons, clinics, and nursing homes. “Nutritionists specialize in one of three areas of practice: clinical, community, or administrative.” (“Career”). A clinical nutritionist is a type of nutritionist that serve the needs of clients who are institutional. In nursing homes, hospitals, retirement communities, day care centers, and prisons; they develop and maintain nutritional programs. Nutritionist must refer to a doctor or a health professionals before suggesting any dietary program. Community nutritionist are another type of nutritionist. These nutritionist are an essential part of health clinics, clubs, agencies, and HMOs. To help people have a better diet, ...

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...ease headaches, colds, and the flu. (“Benefits”).
The career opportunities for a nutritionist is expanding. Every day, more people are becoming highly interested in how food and nutrition affect human health. There are extensive job openings for a nutritionist and they continue growing. Now, everyone wants to know the secret to lose weight a healthy way. Nutritionist have the answer.
As a young student in high school, I’ve become interested to excel in the field of nutrition and become a nutritionist after I complete the requirements. A nutritionist helps everyone from families, large groups, and even hospitals and cafeteria’s to make healthy diets. Nutrition has been around ever since 400 B.C. and has grown to bigger and better things. I want to help people find out the secrete to a healthy diet and becoming a nutritionist will help me reach my goal.
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