Nutrition and Anorexia

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One of the themes that will be discussed is the family and anorexia nervosa; this subject will be looked into to find out how families of anorexia nervosa sufferers deal with the difficulties and complications of living with an individual who has been affected by the disorder. Anorexia nervosa does not just have an effect on the individual who is suffering from the disorder but can in fact impact the whole family of that individual. “The association of family dynamics and the relationship to eating disorders has been studied frequently in hopes of determining the effect of one on the other. Eating disorders encroach on every aspect of a family’s life” (Dimitropoulos, 2008). There was supposed belief of anorexia nervosa being caused by families of the patient, however since then there has been research which suggests that family conflicts have an influence on the disorder but is not an authentic cause of the disorder. The family of a patient who has anorexia nervosa can have a huge influence on the disorder before and during the diagnosis. Although the main cause of anorexia nervosa is unknown, there have been links made between the presences of a firm, strict family who are conflict avoidant. Some families can contribute to the development of anorexia nervosa directly by overstating the importance of appearances and achievements. The family’s attitudes to nutrition and a healthy diet can too affect the development of the disorder. In the same way that the family can directly affect the disorder they can also indirectly affect the disorder; this can be seen as when parents of the patient are trying to resolve and control the problem of the disorder by carrying out food surveillance and keeping on track on what the patient is consu... ... middle of paper ... ... were common themes which were identified these were perceptions regarding illness, patient and carer treatment, emotional response and effects on the family. The research showed that families felt that they were responsible for causing the illness. The letters showed that mothers of the patients had a more intense emotional response and that the fathers had a cognitive detached response and some of the parents stated that they felt as the illness had manipulated and controlled them. The research method used for this paper was the qualitative technique; qualitative research concentrates on human speech and writing as the data collected rather than numbers. Qualitative research is used to investigate human behaviour which relates to a certain subject or theme. This type of research also looks at understanding the motives and reasons that lead to particular actions.
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