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I want to enter the dietetics profession because I have always been interested in nutrition. In my youth I was in 4-H and I always enjoyed the times where I gave presentations about the benefits of fruits and vegetables. What started out as a fascination about food has become one of my favorite topics to talk about. Another reason I am passionate about entering the dietetics profession is that I enjoy helping people. By becoming a dietetics professional I can use my passion about food and nutrition to help people eat appropriately according to their diet needs.The unique program concentration that Lenoir-Rhyne offers is another reason that i am attracted to the program . I am interested in working with youth and I feel that the emphasis of preventing and treating obesity in child will help to prepare me for my career. I have always had an interest in working with children. Additionally, I…show more content…
I would then like to work in the field of dietetics at a hospital. I have been passionate about pediatric nutrition since I began my academic career in nutrition four years ago. I believe that with Lenoir-Rhyne’s emphasis on this topic it will help me work towards my career. After working for several years I would like to further my education by completing a Master of Science in Nutrition. During my time as an undergraduate student I have worked as a tutor of many courses including nutrition. My favorite thing about tutoring nutrition is that I am able to share my passion for the subject with students seeking to understand the material. Having the ability to share my nutrition passion in this way has inspired me to desire to teach nutrition courses at a collegiate level. Thus my long term nutrition goal is to be able to teach, however I would like to acquire experience in the field as a registered dietitian so that I am able to use that background as an

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