Nutrition Intake And Weight Calorie Calories

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Over three days of tracking my food I learned a lot about how much nutrients, minerals, and vitamins I am consuming, and if I am meeting my targeted amount. After knowing my target calorie goal I learned I consume an average of 1957 calories. I also learned that I meet all my carbohydrates, protein, fat, and sodium. The nutrients that surprised me the most is my calcium, vitamin D, and my dietary fiber. For my Intake Analysis I was, over all, recommended a 2000 calorie intake. My average intake was 1957, so just under 2000 calories. On the first day that I tracked my food I consumed 2145 calories. The most came from my snack intake. Since I have long classes through the day, and some during meal times, I tend to snack more than eat meals on certain days. On the second day I consumed 1532 calories, most coming from snacking. Lastly on the third day, I consumed 2194 calories, again, the most coming from the snacks I eat. Overall I stayed close to my intake of 2000 calories without going too far over. My second day, however was a little lower than I usually eat. For my carbohydrates, I was recommended 130g as my target. For my average eaten carbohydrates I consumed 334 grams. Since becoming vegan, I have done a lot of search on nutrient and how to probably eat and make sure I am getting everything I need. Before becoming vegan I always had a negative view of carbs because people who were giving weight loss advice said that carb were the enemy when it comes to losing weight. I learned that is not technically the case and instead carbs are very important because they give you energy you need throughout the day. So to have enough energy throughout the day I made sure to eat some sort of food for breakfast that has a good amount of carb... ... middle of paper ... ...nowing now all the issues that follow if you do not get enough fiber and how much damage it does for your body, I was really pleased to learn that I get more than enough and I do not have to worry about the effects at my current state. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables that contains high amounts of fiber, bread, bagels, and beans. All I need to do is keep this up. In conclusion, after tracking my food for three days I learned that a lot I do meet a lot of my target goals or I am close enough to get an OK. I learned that my targeted carbohydrates, protein, fat, and sodium are meet. The three nutrients that surprised me the most are my calcium, vitamin D, and my dietary fiber. The only places that I have trouble reaching my target goals are my calcium, potassium, vitamin B12, vitamin D, vitamin E, and Choline, but other than those I am really happy with my results.
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