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a) 1. There are two main groups when it comes to nutrition. The Macronutrients and the Micronutrients. The Macronutrients provide kilojoules containing energy and play a vital role in maintaining the body weight and strength of energy levels. Foods such as meats, beans, nuts and fish contain great protein, which is essential in the macronutrient for helping the energy levels. The best is to consume unsaturated fats regularly. Foods such as olive oil, nuts and fish are good sources of unsaturated fats. There are general functions of the macronutrient that are essential for the human body. 1. Protein. This places a crucial role as it helps maintain the body tissue, as well as helps repair damaged body tissue, and it assists in the growth of the human body. Proteins contain amino acids, which help assist the building blocks of the body. Energy is essential for the functioning of the body, and protein helps give the body energy. 2. Carbohydrates. This is the main source of energy for the body. Our bodies use carbs in the form of glucose for our brain to gain energy to function correctly. The carbohydrates that the brain does not use, is stored as reserve energy. Carbohydrates are very important as not only do they give energy to the brain, but carbs are also a source of calories to help maintain body weight. 3. Fats. This is essential for your body, as it helps maintain a healthy body. There are many different forms of fat. Some good and some bad. The ones that are good and form part of the macronutrient are fats such as saturated, monosaturated and omega 3,6,9. Fat is used as a means of protection for the body. It is used as insulation to keep a regular body temperature. Fat is also protects the organs of the body. Micronut... ... middle of paper ... ...ortant that one who is under nutrition should consume as much vitamin and mineral foods as possible. This will help the body gain enough nutrients to help with growth and the immune system. Over nutrition is when one consumes too much for the body. Obesity is a perfect example of someone who is over nutrition. Someone who is obese is when their Body Mass Index is 30 and over. Someone who is obese must exercise, as it will help him or her lose the weight that they do not need. Make sure junk food is not being consumed and that a specific, healthy diet is being followed. Osteoporosis: Bones become very brittle due to a lack of calcium. This results in reduced bone mass and broken bones due to strength. Posture begins to decrease. Rickets: A disease of childhood, there is a lack of vitamin D, making bones soft and weak. Legs may start to bend due to the body weight.

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