Nutrition Career Essay

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Writing about Nutrition career after my research, made me to realize how complex and also how many application this career has. I starting to love and look for this career, after my experience working as a Medical Assistant in a clinic with Internal Medicine Doctor. I have been Facing patient with so many disease develop for inappropriate eating habit.
Nutritionist are part of the medical career witch training include to understand how the inappropriate consume of the foods interfere with the human body. These professionals use the knowledge about biology, alimentation and nutrition to use the correct diet that patient need. The most interesting result of my research was the difference certification can be earn by a nutritionist
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As Hippocrates said: “Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food” this is a very illustrative quote from Hippocrates where is clear that we need to understand that we eat to be health and get energy to continue living and doing activities. As a nutritionist the professional in this career has to develop different way to approach the people and made them face the problem of having a good eating habit, and also training to improve the body health. Nutritionist also need to explain to others about the diet and prevention of diseases; this. Career has the highest percentage of job opportunities base in the amount of health problem in the United State, as obesity, hypertension, diabetes and more. As a nutritionist the job opportunity include hospitals place, nursing homes, cafeterias, and clinics, with a rage of salary between 56,000 dollars yearly and 100,000 dollars yearly. And also nutritionist can be self-employed and develop their own private practice. I planning after finish my career to help people with a low income or without to help them offer my skill to help them for free, it will be my way to contribute with the humanity, to develop ability to improve their health and prevent future complication in their illness or
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