Nutrition And Sports Performance Essay

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Nutrition and Sports Performance

Carissia Elkins | Intro Kinesiology | 8/14/2017 What is Nutrition
Nutrition is the Healthy fruits and vegetables that keep our bodies active and healthy. Here is what nutrition really means: It`s the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth. What is Sports Performance? I know that sports performance is simply getting ready for a sports event or activity. Here is what it really means: Mr. Clark says, “Sports Performance is a type of training that is designed to improve your fitness, also a level for purpose of improving your ability to perform a given sport”.
Sporting Activities and Nutrition: There are many steps to a regulated nutrition in everyday sporting and fitness
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: Drink: water, fruit and vegetable juice.
Exercise: exercise is a major role in our daily lives but it’s also includes athletes lives as well because it helps keep your body in shape and helps keep your body regulated daily to help produce oxygen, iron, etc.- into the main frame of our bodies to stay happy, healthy, and active in our everyday lives.
Athletic/Non-athletic: There are many differences between people who are athletic and people who are not athletic- for instance athletic people have lower heart rate, lower risk for disease, better focus and clarity, increase in mobility and stability and increase in oxygen and better memory. For people who are not athletic or active have lots of health problems and are at risk for diseases and low memory function, etc.
Nutrition is just part of the role in everyday sporting performance, to stay on top of the game you must step up and balance out your nutrition and diet during your strict workout schedule. For instance, sporting fitness like walking and running builds up your heart rate while stretching and power walking, push-ups, lunges, etc. builds up your cardiovascular
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States that “A number of several factors can contribute to success in sports and diet is a key point”. Also, the article goes on to explain the importance of individual diet advice from day to day, to specific advice can help during and after exercise. Another point in the article states out a point that “Dietary strategies enhance your performance by your intake of these three components macronutrients, micronutrients, and fluids.” These three points are a major role in an athlete’s life to keep them functioning through every
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