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The 3day’s food analysis provide me with the necessary information, to where about I was getting my energy, vitamins and mineral. It’s also shows whether or not if I was meeting all my nutrient need. Unfortunately, this unusually 3days food analysis did not meet my usual eating habits. The 3days food analysis revealed, that I didn’t meet, my nutritional need in many areas. I think overall my energy intake was less than my output. I am not surprise or dissatisfies, because it’s not like I was trying to lose or gain weight. I am not unhappy about the result, because compared to my normal eating habit, this result is way better. During the 3days food analysis, I forced myself to step out of my comfort zone, just to try something different. It was uncomfortable to tell you the truth,because eating breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, wasn’t something I normally do. My usual intake is a cup of water in the morning for breakfast, or just skip breakfast and have lunch with a friend on campus. During the 3days food analysis, was extremely hard because I have to change from what I usually eat to eating BLSD for 3days. It was something totally new that my body has to be adapted to. However, I did it and I am very proud of my achievement. I am not an eater, I eat because my body need energy, nutrient vitamin and mineral. In addition, if I want to maintain a healthy boy, I need to eat. Assessment Food Guide Pyramid analysis During the 3day food analysis, I ate less than the 60% of the suggested grain intake. The reason is, doing the 3day period, I only have two slices of bread, on the first day of the food analysis. Maybe more grain my in regular daily intake ... ... middle of paper ... ...s, I didn’t consume much of anything that would have increased, water soluble vitamin. Sodium was the highest of all my vitamins, it intake was 138.4% of the DRI. Measurable Goals / Evaluation of Progress. Starting this week or next week, I will increase my fruit and vegetable, consumption by taking more than one serving of raw vegetable such as broccoli, cauliflower, pea, carrot, cucumber and other as well. I will also increase my grain by eating bread, cereal, oatmeal, rice and pasta. And calcium by drinking milk, eating fish, spinach, and avocado. For vitamin A I need to eat more carrot, strawberry, broccoli, eggs and cheese. Doing all this will be that I have to take a new stand to my diet and the way I use to. I don’t want to, but if I want to live longer and have a healthy life, I have to change my intake to meet my nutrient need.