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In order to achieve health and happiness, a good nutrition should be an essential part of our lives. Great nutrition is very important and should be the main focus in every household, yet in reality it is not taken seriously. Instead of prioritizing the health and wellbeing of our families most give more importance to other life tasks such as; paying bills, buying a house or buying a car. Have you ever heard of the expression “you are what you eat”? If so do you know what you are? Truth is most people don’t. A plate of steak and a side of steamed vegetables may seem like the perfect meal to obtain the nutrition needed, however our bodies do not absorb complete nutrients from this or any meal. This happens due to the processes the food experiences before it is served. The question now is, how much nutrition value are we truly getting from foods that we think are keeping us healthy and well nourished? Nutrition value in foods definitely decreases from the point it is harvested to the point it is delivered and sold. “Nearly every food that you find in the shops… has been processed … quite often the nutrients have deteriorated by the time it gets on the plate…we need to look at our system of agriculture and what we are really eating” (Brighthope). The decrease in nutrients in our food starts with the soil. The soil that growers use loses most if not all of its nutrients over time, these nutrients should be replaced but aren’t. In order to grow at full potential the soil must contain Fifty- two minerals, however we only replace a few through fertilizer still leaving the soil deficient. This leads to the use of Pesticides, these types of chemicals intoxicate and degenerates the food. “Food … is traveling between 1500 to 2000 miles b... ... middle of paper ... ...working immune and digestive systems. Nutrition should be important to each every one of us, our own health and the health of our families should be our top priority. So let’s take nutrition seriously and eat healthy so we can be healthy. We can work around it by eating a mixture of raw and cooked foods and vitamins in our daily diets. Overall it is better to be well informed of what really is helping or harming our health. So even though nutrients in foods deteriorate when going the processes of being grown, delivered, and cooked before consumption, we just need to be informed so we can get enough of the right stuff and less of the bad stuff. Works Cited Food Matters. Dir. James Colquhoun and Carlo Ledesma. Perf. Andrew W. Saul, David Wolfe, Charlotte GersonIan Brighthope, Victor Zeines, Phillip Day. James Colquhoun and Lourentine Ten Bosch, 2008. Documentary.

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