Nurturing Self Reflection

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‘Believe in yourself and always reflect’

My life as a teacher started in the year of 2010. I enjoyed working with the younger age group the most. Always loving, caring, lot of cuddles and kisses. The more cuddles the happier I am. Every day is an experience and I learn new things that helps me to grow in this industry. I enjoyed the experience working with different levels as the years passed. In my journey as a teacher, I learned to believe myself in whatever I do. The strength to achieve success is to believe in myself and be a reflective teacher.

Joy and Aspirations I felt excited when I took the responsibility to teach Skool-Ready last year. It was my first experience to work with diverse needs of the children and I
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I was chosen to implement the new curriculum with lot of expectations. It’s a great challenge and high expectations were put on my shoulders. I believe I did my best effort in the children’s learning.
In the run, time management became the greatest challenge in my life and career. While managing the work busily and enthusiastically, I spent less time with my family and faced some issues that made me guilty and down. I reflected myself on managing family and work life. I prioritize the work accordingly and tried not to bring work home. I am still learning how to manage family and work with different ideas and plans. One of the greatest and the biggest challenge I am still facing. “I learned to work smart and live my life to the fullest”

Inclusive practice is one of my greatest challenge where I am still learning to manage with the practice. Planning the strategies to fulfill different needs of the children is a challenge, not a problem. I should consider their abilities and needs before I strategies the activities with differentiated instruction. “I have to teach the way they
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