Nursing is a Career Path Defined by One's own Percetion

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Nurses are an integral part of any community in today’s society and a growing population. Nurses not only welcome newborn babies into the world, they also care for the ill and wounded; some becoming the only vital ‘surviving family’ to those they care for.

Nursing is a career path defined by one’s own perception and importance of care. The author is centred on two essential concepts one being health promotion, and the other quality care. Both of which she has personally experienced and sees them as fundamental attributes a nurse must possess. The authors’ analysis reflects from the work of prior studies whilst comparing the outlines to her own beliefs and personal motivations to become a nurse. Whilst there are many important models guiding the nursing faculty, the authors’ central hub is driven by compassion, empathy and equitable superior care to all patients.

The author’s view of health promotion is to not only be a key characteristic of nursing but also an imperative component of educating the community to prevent; opposed to cure illness and accident. Health promotion is formally noted as the complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing of an individual and not just the sick and injured (Robinson, 2006). An example of this is community health clinics educating and promoting the importance of immunisation and vaccination to the general population in order to prevent the spread of dangerous illness. The beliefs held by the author have been shaped by her own experiences of being a mother and a patient.

The author considers empowerment to be a solid contributing factor of health promotion. Empowerment allows an individual to make better, more informed decisions independently. This will improve, yet maintain a healthy sta...

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